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About the event

People’s Uniques is our exciting Trollbeads event. Trollbeads Uniques are desired beads worldwide, and we want to find your favourite six! People’s Uniques will show beads chosen by the people, uploaded by people and voted by people.
The vote will result in a collection with your six favourite Uniques. The favourite six will be launched as limited edition unique beads.
The submitters of the favourite six will win the 6 beads in the People’s Uniques event Collection 2023 for themselves and for a friend. The winners will be announced on July 14, 2023 and the winning People's Uniques event collection will be released in stores and online on October 20, 2023.


The Uniques is a heartwarming story involving a joint venture between Trollbeads and artisans worldwide.

The story started in Dharamsala, India, and the concept originated from a vision of infusing commerce, hope and new life into communities that would not otherwise have had the opportunity.

Uniques beads are all like unique art pieces of artisan glass. All beads are handmade in front of a red-hot, open flame. The first workshop has evolved into other small self-sustained businesses, including a dairy and a tailor’s shop, providing jobs for hundreds of people. Today the Uniques are a vital part of the extensive Trollbeads jewellery collection. The Uniques are artisan glass jewellery beads with many variations that people worldwide have been deeply interested in and passionate about. The glass beads can be used to adorn bracelets, bangles, necklaces, hair jewellery and even some of our rings and earrings, creating customisable unique jewellery designs.

Read more about our Uniques here


First, you need to take a nice image of your favourite Uniques. You will need these 3 essential components:

1. Good lighting 2. A simple background 3. A camera (smartphones work well).

 Make sure that you take a nice, sharp photo. Do not use too many filters. When you are satisfied with your image, please select "I want to upload".

You beads will be seen among other Uniques from around the world. The participants of the upload(s) will win the 6 beads for themselves and a friend! Please click on the video for additional information.

After all images of the Uniques beads have been uploaded, you can join the jury and join in on the voting rounds.

We are looking forward to seeing your favourite Uniques glass bead! 

Join the jury

We are inviting YOU to be a part of the jury by selecting the winning Uniques!

How do the voting rounds work? 

Voting Round 1: Vote for the 24 finalists.

First, we will ask you to vote for your favourites among all the submissions and be part of selecting the top 24 designs which will become the finalists. You will be presented with two designs at a time. Choose the one you think is the most excellent. If two designs are equally beautiful or not your taste, just click the “I cannot decide” button. 

You will then be presented with the designs in combination with other submissions later in the voting. You can keep on doing this for as long as you want. The result of this round will be the 24 finalists.

Voting Round 2: Vote for your 3 favourites.

The 24 finalists have been chosen, and now you need to vote for your top 3 among them to help us find the winners! The images of the beads with the most votes in total will win.

Cross your fingers – maybe your favourites will be the winning Uniques!

Previous Winners

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