Terms and Conditions

By participating in this event and uploading your image(s), you are deemed to have accepted the below Terms and Conditions.

Period for the event

The People’s Uniques event is held by Trollbeads A/S, Toldbodgade 13, 1253 Copenhagen K, Denmark.

The event will take place from June 10, 2024 to July 19, 2024.

The period for the ‘Submitting and sharing your images’ is June 10 – June 23.

From June 24 – June 30, 2024 you can vote for which beads you think should to be among the 24 finalists.

From July 8 – July 14 you can vote for your favorite bead design among the 24 finalists

The winning beads are announced on July 19 and the winning kit is released in stores and online on October 18, 2024.

Entry requirements

The event is global, but all artists must be over 18 years to participate in this event. All employees at Trollbeads A/S and subsidiaries can participate.

There is no limitation on how many images a participant can submit.

The images must be your own or you must have the permission to use it.

It is your responsibility to ensure permission and not to violate any rights.

When participating, both as an submitter or if you want to be part of the jury, you are required to create an account where you will have to fill in your full name, e-mail address, country and create a password.

When registering to join the event, you can either use your current Trollbeads.com account or create a new one, which will be stored by us on the Trollbeads.com platform. Further, in the registration process you will be required to create a Participant’s or Jury’s profile which will be stored on a peoplesuniques.com microsite.

When creating your account, it is possible to sign up for our newsletter, but please note that signing up for the newsletter is voluntarily and is not a requirement for participating in this event.

Submitters of images of the winning beads

The winners will be the participants who have uploaded the images of the six winning beads. No matter the design, it will be the images with most votes that win. 

The submitters of the images of the winning beads will each receive the six beads in the limited edition People’s Uniques event collection.

The submitters of the images with the winning beads will be contacted by Trollbeads A/S and asked for address to send the prize to.

General Terms & Conditions

When participating in the People’s Uniques event on peoplesuniques.com, you provide us with an exclusive and royalty free license to commercially use your uploaded image(s) without prior consent while the event is running.

Trollbeads A/S will not use your uploaded image(s) for purposes other than those described in these terms and conditions without prior written permission.

Trollbeads A/S does not in any way allow others or third parties to use your uploaded image(s) without your written consent.

When the event is finished, all submitted designs will be deleted, except for the winning design and the chosen 24 finalists.

Trollbeads A/S stores the above-mentioned uploads because it may be relevant to commercially use them in future People's Uniques events.

Trollbeads A/S commits to not use the images of the 24 finalists commercially without prior written consent from the designers.

Trollbeads will only accept images of Trollbeads Uniques. The beads on the images may not be changed in colours or patterns – it has to be an image of the specific Unique. Trollbeads A/S reserves the right to delete any submissions that violate these terms and conditions if deemed necessary.

Further Trollbeads A/S reserves the right to exclude participants without notice if the participant violates these Terms and Conditions.

Trollbeads A/S assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information or submissions sent to us.

Trollbeads A/S reserves the right to extend, modify or terminate the event at any time.

Regarding your submitted personal information, please see our Privacy Policy