About People's Uniques 2022


April 11 - May 1
May 9 - May 15
May 23 – May 29
June 3
October 21

About the event

People’s Uniques is an exciting Trollbeads event. Trollbeads Uniques are desired beads all over the world, and we want to find your favourite six! People’s Uniques will show beads chosen by the people, uploaded by people and voted for by people.

The vote will result in a collection with your six favourite Uniques. The favourite six will be launched as limited edition edition beads.

The submitters of the favourite six will win the 6 beads in the People’s Uniques event Collection 2022 for themselves and to a friend. The winners will be announced on June 3, 2022 and the winning People's Uniques event collection will be released in stores and online on October 21, 2022.

To be able to vote, you must be a part of the jury. However, don't worry! It is not difficult at all. Just sign in and check the box that you want to be a jury member. That's it. Now you can be a part of choosing this year's People’s Uniques.

When you see a Unique you really like, you can share it on social media to get more people to vote for it!

Upload a Favourite

To participate, you have to sign in and go to your profile.

Just check the box “I want to upload Uniques and vote”. Now you are ready to participate.

Take a great image of the Uniques. See the video to get tips on how to make the best image possible.

No matter what, it will be the images with the most votes that win. Therefore, be focused on making a great image of your favourite.

Upload your image(s) and tell us, where you spotted the Uniques. It might be in a specific store, in your jewellery box, at your friend’s bracelet or somewhere else.

When you have uploaded your image, it is time to show it to as many as possible. Share it on your social media to get your friends to vote for it.

Join the jury

We invite you to be a part of the jury.


Round 1: Vote for the 24 finalists.
First, we will ask you to vote for your favourites among all the submissions and be part of selecting the top 24 Uniques, which will become the finalists. You will see images of two Uniques at a time.
Choose the one you think is the best. You can keep on doing this for as long as you want.

In case two Uniques are so beautiful – or both are so much not your taste – that you cannot decide, which to go for, just press the “I cannot decide” button.
Then you will be presented for the Uniques in combination with another Uniques later in the voting.

The overall result of Voting Round 1 will be the 24 finalists.

Round 2: Vote for your three favourites .
The 24 finalist have been chosen and now you need to vote for your top 3 among the 24 finalists to help us find the winners!
The six beads with the most votes in total will win! Cross your fingers – maybe your favourite will be in the winning People's Uniques Collection.

About Uniques

The UNIQUES is a heart-warming story that involves a joint venture between Trollbeads and artisans around the world.

The story started in Dharamsala, India, and the concept was originated out of a vision of infusing commerce, hope and new life into communities that would not otherwise have had the opportunity.

The UNIQUES beads are all like unique art pieces and all beads are handmade in front of a red-hot, open flame.
Ten years later, the first workshop has evolved into other small self-sustained businesses, including a dairy and a tailor’s shop, providing jobs for 270 people.

About Trollbeads

Trollbeads started life in 1976 in Denmark and is the original beads-on-bracelet concept. 

Trollbeads is an exquisite set of interchangeable jewellery pieces. At the heart of the collection are the beads themselves. Each piece in the Trollbeads collection has its own little history, taking its inspiration from mythology, astrology, fairy tales, nature, spirituality, cultural diversity, and last but certainly not least, in the familiar things of everyday living. 

Personalize your own unique bracelet, bangle, necklace, ring or earrings by adding beads that fits your style, memories, interests and personality. 

Trollbeads jewellery is made from the highest quality raw materials, including 18-carat gold, Sterling silver, Italian glass, freshwater pearls, amber and precious stones, and is created from a blend of traditional and modern techniques. 

People are made of stories – some are defining and some are just for fun. Great stories come from those experiences that are all about the present. Where there is no 'but', only 'be'. 

Every story has a bead.
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